ONLY people who earn a lot of money are successful. Do you agree or disagree with this definition of success?

Every individual in the society might live and work to succeed. Success is state which is achieved when a person accomplishes what he wishes and feels satisfied. This wish is different in each person – honor, money, or dream. A lot of people would feel unhappy and uncomfortable because they think they do not have enough money. So, these people consider money as a success. However, success is not achieved when people earn a lot of money in various reasons – endless greed of people, and lack of mental richness.

Although people earn a lot of money, people wants to get more and more because all people have infinite avarice to have something valuable. That is, even if having lots of money, people would not be satisfied at the money they have. For example, there is a story of a greedy beggar. A man saw a beggar who had a silver coin in his hand. He asked a beggar how can you get the silver coin, and he said that he gathered lots of wood coins and changed them to a bronze coin. After then, he gathered more bronze coins and changed them to a silver coin, and it took about six months. The man asked a beggar how to use the coin. He said he would not use it, and the man questioned why. The beggar said he just wanted to have silver coin when he got a bronze coin, and wanted to have a bronze coin when he got a wood coin. This story shows that even a beggar wants to get more money even if it takes a lot of time. Thus, because of the endless greed of people, people would not be satisfied even if he earns a lot of money.

If people have money or some valuable thing a lot, they would feel nervous because they worry to use or lose these things. So, they would not feel happy and succeeded even if they have lots of money. For instance, in the story of the Scrooge, he had an amount of money, but he always felt nervous because he worried that some people would rob his money. However, after then, he started to donate and share his richness, and eventually he felt satisfied and happy. This story tells us that substantial richness rather make people worried and mental richness, such as donation, give people real happiness and success. In this case, thus, people would succeed when they have mental richness, not a substantial one, such as money.

In conclusion, people would not be successful when they earn a lot of money, because people have endless avarice, and they lack mental richness. Therefore, money is not a only tool of success

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Does lack of love make children unhappy?

After people are born, they get a lot of love from parents. This love make people feel mentally comfortable. However, some people are abandoned by their parents when they were young, so they did not get much love because no one can love them as a parent. In this case, lack of love from parent might be unhappy, and even they can be a criminal or someone without mental comfort. Therefore, for these people, other should love them to encourage and make them happy.


The abandoned child will not feel true happiness without the love of parents. As a matter of fact, parents’ love is the most important for the child because their love influence in many ways, such as education, and moral mind, eventually make their child happy. If parents throw the child away, he or she never feel this love, then this will badly affect them in the aspect of happiness or morality. To protect this child from the unhappiness of the absence of the parent, people should help and love them instead of the parents’ love. Although this can not be an absolute substitute of their love, it will contribute to cure many parts of his mental damage. Thus, in order to heal his hurt and unhappiness from the absence of parents’ love, people should offer the abandoned child a lot of love.


This child would feel confused and unhappy without parents, so this will cause social problems. This child did not get parents’ love, so they would not have mental comfort or they would not get domestic education. This situation can cause many crimes in the society. For example, there was a murdering crime that had about 20 victims in Korea. After the criminal is arrested, it is announced that he was abused and abandoned by parents when he was young. This example means that without parents’ love, child would make some problems, even murder people because of the lack of love. If there was love and concern for him, people could prevent these problems. Hence, to protect some social problems, which is because of the absence of parents, people should provide them attention and love instead of that of parents.


Nowadays, there are so many social problems, even severe crime. These people usually have unhappy past, such as abusion or abandonment from their parents. Most of these crime is because of the lack of love and concern. Therefore, people should give and have lots of love for the abandoned child in order to cure their damage and prevent the social problem.

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Security vs. Freedom and independence

Some people misunderstand that if people is in free atmosphere, they would be exposed in danger environment, like crime, as there is only few institutional strategy which guarantee people’s security. However, freedom should be above security in society for some reasons.

First of all, security can suppress citizens’ private life. The fact of matter is that citizens’ rights to pursuit their own happiness is one of the main principle of natural right. However, this right can be intruded when government prioritize security as the first. For example, in the case of China and North Korea, government censor the press and even fake the news, saying that this is for prevention from social confusion. Although protecting some confidential from public can be beneficial to the stability of nation, it can be corrupted and used as brainwashing method. In fact, North Korea inject their ideology and control the press, and they maintain that this is for social stability. However, this make citizens excluded from global society, which invade people’s right to know the fact. This means that excessive security can be corrupted as invasion of people’s natural life. Thus, government should guarantee to enough degree of freedom and then pursuit social security in order to warrant human natural right to chase happiness, know the fact, and express their opinion.

Also, it is misunderstand that freedom is opposite from the security, which means that freedom make people exposed from the crime. According to “Republicanism”, freedom is a state that people are never subordinated to other people, and it is different from laissez-faire, which maintains that freedom is a state with independence from others and also law. This means that freedom include some protection of law. Some opponent states that law can intrude people’s freedom, however, law would protect their freedom. For instance, law states that people should not kill people and if not, criminal would get heavy punishment. This protect people from crime and make citizens comfortable environment to walk street at night. So, although law seems to violate the freedom, it is for protection of freedom. Therefore, people would get minimal guarantee of safety from government as law is a method to protect freedom.

To conclude, security can be spoil as a violation of natural right, and also people can be protected though freedom is above all. Hence, to pursuit freedom is more important in my life.

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CNN – Taiwan Flood

Are human disaster worse than natural disaster?

1. Human Disaster

A. Definition : A catastrophe made by human activity or human being itself

B. Damage toward mankind :

It depends on what kind of disaster happened :

– war : a lots of people die, and it even spoil all the nations

– industrial disaster : in case of chemical explosion, few people would be damaged if the factory prepared for disaster, but if not, plenty of people will be hurt and an amount of monetary or financial damage will occur.

– Sometimes, human disasters cause natural disasters. For example, irresponsible use of car and electric machine would cause damage of ozone layers, and this damage would trigger natural disaster, such as flood.


2. Natural Disaster

A. Definition : A disaster caused by nature such as flood, or drought

B. Damage toward mankind :

It also depends on the situations, but usually it makes huge damage to the world :

– flood, drought, and storm : These can paralyze the industrial activity, as Taiwan flood shows, and lots of people dies when it becomes seriously.

– volcano, or meteoric explosion : These may cause serious, harsh damage, even they can cause extinction of nation or mankind. For example, a widespread theory of dinosaur distinction is that meteoric activity might killed dinosaurs. Also, in the case of Pompeii, a large society has gone because of volcanic activity.


3. My opinion

I think that human disaster may cause worse than natural disaster.

Reason 1 : Natural disaster that cause huge problems sometimes occurs, but human disasters happen usually.

Reason 2 : As technology developed, unpredictable damage has happened in society.




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THBT, Genetic Engineering of food crops is progressing responsibly enough and that the policy should be expanded speedily – “full steam ahead!” – Government

stance : promote policy, activate

– Middle age -> chemical fertilizer -> advantages despite some worries because lots of merits -> GMO tech : progressed for several years, now people feels their advantages -> promote with these advantages followed :


1. productivity

– tolerate damage from insects, cold weather

-> increase absolute and relative supply of the crops

-> people can buy food in cheap price, use in various aspects with surplus supply (bio-fuel, solve famine more extensively)


2. free consumers’ choice up

– GMO flavor, nutrients advantages

-> consumers right to choose (Gmo or non-Gmo)

-> if GMO tech is deactivated or not promoted in free market, it would intrude the freedom of choice of consumers


3. environmental pollution

– GMO crops : bearable from the damage of harmful bugs or harsh weather

-> the lower use of harmful pesticide or herbicide which can hurt environment and organism in the ecosystem

-> by using that chemicals lots of microbes die out, and even human being can be damaged by them

-> GMO tech can lessen the risk of the harmful chemicals which is used in growing crops.


– safety issues(people, environment)

-> not proved even with long period of study

-> it is not reasonable and progressive attitude to be afraid of not proven worries despite of lots of advantages like those


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Change the world

Vibration toward universe

I’m mine

You’re mine

Cloud is mine

Sky is mine

World is mine

Everything is mine

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Poem in the first class


God, I’m sure that you love me

Give me a girlfriend

It’s a mystery

Being single is our trend

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The Short Story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Topic : Do you think that the grandmother’s final action is a token of true salvation?

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a short story depicting a sad family. The main character, the grandmother, was killed by the murderer The Misfit in the end of the story. Before being killed, she touched The Misfit, leading her to death. This action is controversial whether it is a token of true grace or not. I think her touching is the symbol of divine grace because of the writer’s description and sudden change of the grandmother’s attitude.

The first reason is the expression that the writer described in the story. By using symbolic depiction, the writer gave the feeling of divine grace. For example, when the grandmother talked with The Misfit, the writer described the background as the cloudless sky. People usually think the sky is where the god exists, and cloud is something covering the sky. So, the cloudless sky means the background in the story is directly contacted with the god. Also, the grandmother was dead with smile, and this would mean she died peacefully with the god’s salvation. It means that the grandmother was in real grace at least when she talked with The Misfit. Thus, her action while she talked with The Misfit could be said as the real, divine grace.

The second reason is because of her sudden change of the attitude. Before the action, she just flattered The Misfit in order to survive. As an example, she repeatedly said to The Misfit that he seems very nice or she will give all the money she’ve got. These mean that she talked with him just to survive and there was no sign of salvation. However, she touched him which seems very dangerous for her. So, in her action, the grandmother did not think of her safety and survival but the salvation and divine grace to The Misfit. Therefore, the grandmother’s action, touching the Misfit, is the symbol of her real salvation.

To conclude, the expression that the writer used and the absurd change of the grandmother’s attitude are the factors that support her final action was the token of divine grace and her love for The Misfit.

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Traditional culture that we should learn

Young people often have a number of conflicts with old people. They think old people only have old-fashioned thought and have nothing to learn. However, although old people seem inflexible to young people, they also have wisdom and there is something to learn in their old culture, which make ordered and warm society.

The first thing that we can learn in the old culture is politeness. From hundreds of years ago, people learned that young people should be polite to adults. Sadly, however, politeness disappeared when time passed, and disappearance caused many social conflicts between the young and the old. For example, these days young people seldom give their seats to sick old people in the bus. Selfishness of the young people causes lots of conflict with old people, scolding the young people’s disregard and rudeness. As politeness toward adults disappears, society became cold-hearted. Therefore, reviving traditional politeness to the old is the one of things that people should learn from the traditional culture.

The second thing that old culture can teach us is mutual help. In the past, our ancestors helped each other despite their poor situation. For example, these days people even avoid greeting with their neighbors. On the contrary, in the old days, people helped each other many things, such as farming. Although people did not have any convenient machine, people gave their hands to their neighbors. Mutual aims with people made selfless social atmosphere, which is disappearing these days. Thus, to make warm society, helping each other is important thing which can be learned by the old culture.

In the past, people made warm-hearted society with politeness and mutual help. However, as these virtues are abandoned in modern times, there occurs lots of social problems. Hence, people these days should learn politeness and helping each other from the traditional culture.

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Problems of our society

Korea has been developed fast for very short period. Considering that other European nations have achieved developed social structure for hundreds years, 50 years of developing period seems to be too short to expect people to ready for accepting that structure in mind, which is called cultural lag. So, there comes some problems in our society, and I think there are two major problems which hamper further development: selfishness and the gap between the rich and the poor.

In the past, in order to grow nation fast, people educated their children only focusing on put in the knowledge with competition, which makes people only take care of themselves. It caused serious selfishness which disturb harmonical progress of society. For example, if government decided to build a landfill, people try to make the landfill not to be built near their home. So, the construction is finally delayed because of the selfishness though the landfill is necessary for the society. This means that selfishness will interrupt the development of society, although it is from the hope to develop the country. Therefore, one of the major problem of the society is self-seeking mind of people.

Before 30 years in Korea, national economy is radically progressed which gives people unimaginable richness. However, because of the radical increase of richness, people did not try to distribute richness, which makes only minor people get rich. For example, lots of rich people blame the welfare policy for populism, but this objection is often from their greed not to give their richness to other people. So, the economical gap between the rich and the poor get more and more wider, finally there happens problems that people do not work hard or lose their will to live more. Therefore, the wide gap between people disturb the national development.

Cultural lag which comes from the radical progress of material culture is the main cause of the problem of our society, mainly selfishness and the economical gap between people. So, people should try to make solution of this problem to accomplish further progress of the society.

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